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in cocoa quality from farm to beans.

Come and discover more about cocoa during this one week hands-on program

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Also available in organic

Our new cocoa offering full of smooth chocolate flavors

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Made with Nicaraguan Cocoa Beans of your Choice

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Our most innovative post-harvest method yet allows

Meet Raw Cocoa

for the perfect balance of bioavailable nutrients & complex flavor notes

Chuno® Heirloom Cacao!

Let's preserve the great Nicaraguan genetics for the generations to come

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How we've been working with Nicaraguan

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farmers to produce fine cocoa

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Citric, Nutty, Spicy, Olive, Complex

Sweet, Brandy, Plum, Tannin, Strawberry

Raisins, Cocoa, Woody, Grapes, Smooth

Green Apple, Green tea, Herbal, Cocoa Nutty

Red Wine, Woody, Orange, Sparkling, Floral

Passion-fruit, Coffee, Pineapple, Kiwi, Tannin



Ingemann aims to provide bean-to-bar chocolate makers with the finest beans, while contributing to the development of the cocoa sector in Nicaragua, thereby making a difference for the Cocoa producers and their families.