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We are deeply committed to consistently providing you with quality cocoa, which is sourced sustainably and can be traced to the farm. To be as transparent as possible, we created the Cocoa-ID label! Ours is not just random cocoa, but a cocoa with an identity.

We provide a Lot Identity Sheet for each lot: a 2 page PDF document detailing specific information about the cocoa you received: Region, Producer, Post-Harvest and Sensory analysis.

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The varieties we are producing are Trinitario-Acriollado, meaning that it’s a Trinitario with Criollo genes. In some lots you can find up to 40% white beans. We select all varieties based on the flavor potential of the beans, and to preserve the flavor characteristics of each variety we process them separately from collection at farm gate to the point of export.


Our cocoa is produced by heirloom Nicaraguan trees that we first found in very old farms in the region of La Dalia. According to the last study of Motamayor, Nicaragua is among the few countries where the Criollo trees originated, therefore most of the trees have high quality genetics. In September 2015, the ICCO (International Cocoa Organization) recognized Nicaragua as a fine cocoa origin. Nicaragua is now one of the only 9 countries recognized as 100% fine cocoa origin.

Sourced sustainably

In addition to the fact that the price we pay our producers is reportedly amongst the highest paid worldwide to cocoa farmers, our special model – collecting the wet-mass at each farm gate to process it centrally – allows the producer to save resources as he doesn’t have to invest in labor or infrastructure to transport his cocoa nor to process it.

100% traceable from farm level

From the moment we collect the wet-mass to export, we register and store all the information we can about the bean, even pH and temperature evolution during fermentation, and we make all this information available to you! Below you will see the Lot Identity Sheet to get the information regarding the cocoa you bought.

Cocoa with an identity!