Nicaragua is in Central America, located between the Pacific Ocean the Caribbean Sea. It’s a land rich in flora and wildlife. Nicaragua is called “The land of lakes and volcanoes” for its countless volcanoes, most of which are still active, as well as lakes, rivers and lagoons that provide beautiful landscapes.

Nicaragua has a tropical climate and agriculture provides most of the economic stimulus due to the many opportunities this land gives to its people.

The first people to grow cacao trees were the Maya, one of the oldest civilizations on the American continent. They used the cocoa beans as a barter currency to exchange for food or clothes, as well as for preparing a bitter drink, known as Xocoatl.

Today, the Nicaraguan currency is the Córdoba, however cocoa plantations are an important source of income for families who produce it.


To be able to provide you with some of the finest cocoa in the world, we have identified 6 varieties, all Trinitario-Acriollados. Each variety is processed separately, from collection at the farm to the point of export.


From the very first seed in the ground, our commitment with the producers is complete. Close relationship, training, financing, higher prices…. We believe that the quality of our products should benefit all people involved in our value chain. That is why we guarantee each producer 30-year market access at a premium price, which is higher than any existing premiums.

Today, we are working with more than 450 producers throughout Nicaragua, including smallholders of less than 1ha as well as farms of over 160ha. In total, more than 2,000 people are directly employed and living from our cocoa trees in Nicaragua.


Our most productive areas in the country are in Bocay, El Cua, La Dalia and New Guinea. We also work with farmers in the protected reserve of Bosawas, the largest forest reserve in Central America.